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Various Lifting Solutions for the Construction Industry


A large building development would invariably involve many levels, and building up brings with it many challenges, as the materials and the manpower must be safely transported to the point of work. There are several lifting solutions that a large development would use, which include the following:

  • Hoists – These are like elevators and the shaft is bolted to the scaffolding, while the cage is used to ferry workmen and materials to the required level. A large site might have as many as six hoists, all positioned at various points, plus the hoists are also used to bring down waste. Hoists work constantly, therefore they need regular servicing to ensure they perform as they should, and the supplier would take on the responsibility for maintenance, which would be carried out when the hoist is not at work.
  • Tower Cranes – These are built up in sections and can be erected at ground level or on the roof of the building, and when building a skyscraper, tower cranes are essential to keep the build going. They lift the steel joists that are bolted and welded into place, and in theory, tower cranes can be installed on any level, to ferry heavy materials to the very top of the construction. Tower cranes are built in sections, and when it is time for another section to be added, another tower crane will lift the crane while the new section is added, and this is repeated until the maximum safe height is reached.
  • Mobile Cranes – These do what tower cranes and hoists cannot, and if you are looking for Franna crane hire in Perth, there are specialist providers who have all the lifting solutions. The mobile crane is often used to lift heavy water storage tanks and generators to upper levels, and without this versatile machine, construction projects could never be completed in such a short time. Of course, safety is always paramount when lifting heavy objects, and if you called on a crane hire firm, they would want to see the site and the load in order to calculate the safest way to go about the lift. Each lift is judged on its own merits and the crane operator needs to be fully satisfied before he agrees to carry out the work, and if there are any potential issues, they would have to be considered.
  • Winches – Winches are sometimes used to ferry materials to an upper floor, although use is much less than it was, thanks to the mobile crane. Winches can be very dangerous, with thick, heavy cables at very high pressure, and if one should snap, the risks are great.

If you are planning a commercial construction project and you need a reliable crane hire firm, a Google search will help you locate an established provider. You may not be in the construction industry, but do have a need for heavy lifting, in which case, the mobile crane would be the obvious solution. Special one-off lifts can easily be arranged, and when you are dealing with a few hundred tonnes, you can’t take any chances, so you should call in the professional heavy lifters.

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