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How to Get Your Vehicle Reading for a MOT Test


All cars that reach a certain age must be brought to a service centre for a MOT test on a yearly basis. Although it might not be your favourite time of the year, it is imperative that you drive a vehicle which is certified and roadworthy. You can go for a car MOT check in Bromsgrove or any other reputable garage in the neighbourhood.

Getting a MOT certificate is important for a number of reasons:

  • Roadworthiness
  • Legal Requirement
  • Engine Health & Performance Checks
  • Safety
  • Emissions Testing

Service History

When preparing your car for a MOT test, you should know its service history. This way you’ll be able to answer any questions the garage asks of you.

Lights, Glass & Mirrors

Make sure all your lights are operating effectively, from your brake lights to your indicators. Walk around the car and ask someone to sit inside and turn on various lights. You should also check your mirrors and windows to see if you notice any defects.


Your tyres must be free from any bulges, lumps or tears. Make sure all 4 wheels are the same and they sit neatly on the rim.


Aside from the points mentioned above, remember to check how your car drives and look out for any problems. Is there a strange smell coming from the engine? Is the exhaust giving off too much smoke? These are all important things to look out for when you operate your vehicle on the road.

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